Committee Roles


This living document is to be used as a template and guide for all members to be familiar with the roles and responsibilities of those serving on the committee. These responsibilities are subject to the agreement of the active serving committee and it’s at their agreed discretion (by committee vote) as to what each role involves.


Act as an ambassador for the club

Ensures that committee meetings take place.

Chair committee meetings and AGMs

Acting on behalf of the club between meetings

May be called on to act as mediator.

Oversees the state of the club facilities and takes responsibility for action as required.

Proposes strategy for the development of the club.

To encourage the full participation of all committee members

Deliver reports to the AGM


Assist the Chairperson in their duties

Work with the chairperson to share workload/divide responsibilities where agreeable


Act as an ambassador for the club and represent the club at invited events

Support, encourage, and champion the club

Maintain and protect the club’s reputation and help create a good impression of the club

To officiate at club events

Partner with the Captain with leading the delivery of the Annual President’s & Captain’s Prize Days


Ensure club affiliations

Keep club/organisation records accurate and up to date

Liaise with Chair to arrange meetings

Prepare agendas and take minutes from committee meetings and AGMs

Ensure that all club/organisation members have relevant information before and after meetings

To record the minutes of the meetings

Deliver reports to the AGM


To record all financial transactions of the club

  To report on all transactions to the Committee meetings

 To issue payment for all bills, fees, etc. as approved by the Executive Committee.

 To lodge all monies received.

To liaise with officers/sub-committees where necessary in relation to receipt or expenditure of any monies.

 To liaise with the club’s bank or other financial lending organisations

Act as a signatory on the club bank account(s)

Provide up to date cash-flow reports and projects in support of capital projects and term loan applications

 Set finance controls and systems to ensure efficient and transparent management of club resources

To collect membership forms/subscriptions from new & existing members, recording information on the membership database.

Maintain the membership database

To pay membership monies into Club’s bank account, updating Treasurer

Deliver reports to the AGM


Have a focus on Adult Tennis

 Manage the club’s social tennis calendar / Coordinate the running of social tennis nights (Club Nights)

Work with the Coach in defining and implementing a Senior coaching and development program

 Be the main point of contact with Leinster Branch and Tennis Ireland for competitive tennis

 Attend social functions and presentations where possible

 Attend the Committee meetings and provide updates as required

 Partner with the President with leading the delivery of the Annual President’s & Captain’s Prize Days

Encourage member participation in competitions

Social Media Manager

Run the club's social media page/pages & website.

Advertise coaching/camps & competitions via social media

Run the club’s membership/court booking management software application

To deal with correspondence as it arises. (this may include urgent correspondence which cannot be held over to a committee meeting and which should be passed to the Chairperson/President as soon as possible)

Competition Manager

Run a calendar of competitions for the club throughout the year

Coordinate with President & Captain to run Presidents & Captains prize

Juvenile Officers (One Female, One Male)

Have, or commit to having, Level 2 Child Compliance certification within the first month of office

Promote best practice of Best Practice in Youth Sport

Ensure, in as far as possible, that all Players, Coaches/Team mentors, Parents/Guardians, Officials, and Spectators adhere to the Code of Best Practices

Influence policy and practice within the Club in order to prioritise children’s and young people’s needs.

Encourage the involvement of parents/guardians in organising Club activities and co-operate with parents in ensuring that every young person enjoys his/her involvement with the Club.

Establish strong relationships and links with local schools and other child-focused organisations/charities

Develop good practice procedures in the recruitment and selection of persons working with young people in the Club

Liaise with the Head Coach and Captain when planning internal/external junior tournaments

General Committee Member

Attend Committee meetings and vote on any issues raised.

Assist in the running of the club where possible n areas of interest