Junior Competitions Summer 2011

U18 Boys Singles

40 games were played to get each finalist to the final toping each group to get there, they being Andrew Delmer and Eamon Reddy.  A closer final you could not call.  Andrew with his patience and reading of the game and Eamon with his constant running and fantastic forehand, however in the end Andrew won the final.  However I think if these meet again in the Autumn singles who knows.


Plate final was played between Stephen Shiels and Lorcan Gaughan again Stephen with his super serving and Lorcan with his great cross court shots this was tight throughout, however Stephen won in the end.  Again well done to both of these players.


Serve of the Night and special award went to Lorcan Gaughan

Shot of the night award went to Eamon Reddy.


U18 Mixed Doubles

Olivia Daly and Laura Heffernan showed they meant business partners on the night Ruari and Olivia and Liam and Laura.  This was so close however Ruari and Olivia just shaded the final 5 games to four.  Well done to Ruari and Lorcan again also for the super final it gave to all spectators on the night.  Hard luck to the other competitors and ones who could not make it tonight but I wish they are all winners as they all have put in such a high effort over the past five months week in week out to reach such a high level.


U10 Singles

This was an unbelievable section with tennis played to high standards The Final took place between Alo Hackett and Conor Breen.  This was so tight shots hit with power and accruacy between the two, Alo with a mighty forehand and Conor with lovely delicate net play it came down to the wire with Alo on the day so well done to them both for a great final.  I have to say I was in awe with some of their shots along with Ronnie Heffernan as we said these two will make some senior players


U10 Plate Final

This took place between Aaron Jameson and Pierce Bulger Hynes.  Pierce has only joined in the last few weeks and well done to him.  However Aaron has an all round game and this showed today with strength and accruacy and he won this quite easily


U12 Boys Final

This took place between Ben Savage and Ryan Ivers.  They played nine games in the final with Ben winning 6 - 3


U12 Girls Final

Winner:  Laura Heffernan and R/Up Olivia Daly


These girls have really stunned me as they have really budded into two great players.


U12 Mixed

Final:  Aaron Jameson and Olivia Daly

R/Up Pierce Bulger Hynes and Laura Heffernan


I would like to particularly thank Ronnie Heffernan for all her help today she referred matches and was such a close eye on the matches today.  However it was a long days tennis but all round fantastic to watch not only as a parent but also their mentor.  So well done again to all and looking forward already to the next round of competitions soon.

Catherine Hackett



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